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Latest matches
1:1 | flag -BS- vs [W] flag
Season two
IRC: #zdtdml
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 64
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
League Introduction:

Welcome to the Zdaemon Team Deathmatch League! this league is available to all players in any country with servers world wide.

General Rules:

-All participants must have an active zdaemon forum account. If you need an account activated please contact Dannyboy with your account name and email connected to that account. If your forum account has been deactivated in the past you may still contact Dannyboy to see if the issue can be resolved.

-Only sign up if you're sure you can show up. Constant no shows will be banned from the league.

-Aliasing is strictly forbidden. Anyone found using an alias without informing a league administrator will be banned from the league. You may however use a new nickname as long as you inform the league administrators of the nickname change and plan on using that nick from now on.

-Players are expected to treat opponents and administrators with respect and courtesy. Players who are subject to valid complaints or give administrators a hard time will be removed. If a player receives a global ZDaemon ban for whatever reason, they will also be removed from the ZDTDML.

Game Settings:

Server settings:
Forced Respawn set to 5 seconds.
Frag Limit: 75
Team Limit: 75
Team Damage set to 100%


There are servers located in the United States and Europe special thanks to the server administrators for allowing us to use these servers:
Dwango United New Jersey- AF-domains
GSN- Raider
Unfy servers- Unfy
L@P- Kilgore
Grandvoid- Konar6

If you would like to host a server please contact Dannyboy.

League Format:

-The league will consist of a maximum of 16 teams with 2 players to each team (with up to 2 reserve players). There will be 2 groups (Conference A and Conference B)
with 8 teams in each conference. The top 4 teams of each conference will move onto the playoffs.

-The league will run off of a points system. The point system currently implemented is: Win=2pts Lose=1pts DQ=0pts. If a team wins two rounds consecutively, they're awarded 1 bonus point.

-The league will be 10 weeks total. 7 weeks for the regular season and 3 weeks for the playoffs/finals.


Maps for the league are predetermined. During the regular season each team will play on one set map 3 times (rounds). The team that wins the best out of those 3 rounds wins the match. During the playoffs there will be 3 maps played in total. 1 of those maps being predetermined and the other 2 are picked by each team as a home field map. In the finals there will be 5 rounds with 3 predetermined maps and 2 home field maps. The predetermined maps are played first, and then the team with the higher points get's their home field played first. In the event of a tie in points, a coin flip will decide which team get's their home field map played.

Reporting Matches:

To post scores of a recent match played you must post on the forums it should look like this:

Team A v Team B
Team A 75 - 54 Team B (link to screenshot)
Team B 75 - 74 Team A (link to screenshot)
Team A 75 - 70 Team B (link to screenshot)
Week #: include the week number
Server: include the server the match was played on, if more then one server was used please specify.
Details: include any additional information about the match (optional)

In the playoffs and the finals, you will name the map number that was played before the winning teams score, so the format is like this:

Team A v Team B
Map01: Team A 75 - 54 Team B (link to screenshot)
Map15: Team B 75 - 74 Team A (link to screenshot)
Map28: Team A 75 - 70 Team B (link to screenshot)
Demo:include demo link
week #: include the week number
Server: include the server the match was played on, if more than one server was used please specify.
Details: include any additional match information


-Each team must select one person to be the team captain. Team captains must be reliable. Team captains can be replaced at any time.

-Teams may have up to 2 extra players on their roster as substitutes. They must be added to your teams roster BEFORE the season begins.

-Team captains are responsible for all forms of team management. Failure to do the following will result in a team disqualification:

1. Registering your team on the league website.

2. Managing your teams information/players on the league website.

3. Recording and submitting demos on the forums.

4. Scheduling matches.

-You may choose any team name you wish as long as it doesn't violate the Terms of Service. Be advised this rule is non-negotiable and is at the league administrators discretion.

-When creating your team please refrain from making sexual or other inappropriate team names. We wish to keep a professional environment for this league. If you are unsure of your team name simply ask a league administrator.


Registering with the website:

Each team member must make an account on the website. To do that simply click on the register button on the bottom left side of your screen and fill out the information. You do NOT need to verify your email. Once you registered contact one of the league administrators and they will approve it. Please remember when signing up to make sure you sign up under the nick you play on no aliases will be accepted.

Registering a team:

Team captain needs to contact Dannyboy or [SIN]Torment with your teams name and a team password. Once that's done you'll be set as the team captain and can edit your teams information and add players to your team at any time.

Joining a team:

If you are not your teams captain you need to first register an account with the website. Once finished you can find your team by clicking on the "Teams" menu on the left hand side of your screen and scrolling down until you find your team. Once you find your team just double click on it and a menu will show up just click on "squad" and enter your teams password on the bottom of the screen.


Tastyspleen has agreed to cast our matches! If you want to have your games casted, decide a time you want your match casted at least 3 days before your match and contact a league administrator about It. Ideally we would want you to decide when the week starts, and all the playoff games will be casted


You may be able to contact any of the league administration by sending a private message through ZRC, the Forums, or by sending a message on the website. It is required all players involved in the league to join #zdtdml this is the official league irc channel.