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Season two
IRC: #zdtdml
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: on
Players limit: 64
User's teams: YES (limit: 1)
League Introduction

Hello everyone I'm pleased to announce that the Zdaemon Team Death-match league is coming soon! First I want to give you guys a quick league overview. This is going to be much different from the Team Deathmatch tournament that took place in March.

League Format:

-The league will consist of a maximum of 16 teams with 2 players to each team. There will be 2 groups (Conference A and Conference B)
with 8 teams in each conference. The top 4 teams of each conference will move onto the playoffs.

-The league will run off of a points system. The point system currently implemented is: Win=2pts Lose=1pts DQ=0pts. If a team wins two rounds consecutively, they're awarded 1 bonus point.

-The league will be 10 weeks total. 7 weeks for the regular season and 3 weeks for the playoffs/finals.

-Maps for the league are predetermined. During the regular season each team will play on one set map 3 times (rounds). The team that wins the best out of those 3 rounds wins the match. During the playoffs there will be 3 maps played in total. 1 of those maps being predetermined and the other 2 are picked by each team as a home field map. In the finals there will be 5 rounds with 3 predetermined maps and 2 home field maps.

This section only covers the basic format of the league. You can find more in depth information in the Rules section. If you have any questions or comments please send one of the league administrators a message on ZDIRC, Forums, or website message.

League Administrators: Dannyboy, Ru5tk1ng, ReXn0r, SwiftShot and [SIN]Torment.

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